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Privacy Policy

We adhere to safeguard your privacy with the highest standards. Before access to our services, these terms of “Users Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “agreement”) shall be well understood by users. Please read the agreement carefully and make a choice after consideration, regardless of whether you accept it or not. And it won’t be granted the rights to access our services until you consent to the agreement. Such behaviors as registration, login, and use are deemed to be bound by terms of the agreement.

This Agreement defines the lawful rights and obligations between Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co., Ltd and the users, regarding the services provided by the “BOYA Sound” software. “Users” can be individuals or organizations who use our services. The revised agreement takes effect automatically when Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co., Ltd published on the Internet immediately. Using our services means you are consenting to the revised agreement.

1. Information acquisition and disposal

a) What information do we need?

(1) In the user feedback function, we will collect the user's mobile phone model and system version information to optimize and improve our software services

(2) The sensitive privacy rights involved include but are not limited to the following:

Use the mobile phone camera to shoot video to ensure the normal use of functions

Use the microphone of this machine or earphones and other peripherals to record sound to ensure normal function

Data sharing related information used for file transfer is optional, and the user can refuse.

b) What information isn’t included?

We don’t gather any personal information from Noted or website. We can’t access the database you create or import on Noted. So, we won’t collect any personal privacy data that is irrelevant to terms and conditions on “BOYA Sound”.

c) How we process your information?

 The information we connected is only used for research, development, user experience promotion, and products and websites upgrade. If you don’t access our services, we won’t collect your personal information. All information is anonymized and aggregated. We hereby declare your information in this service is entirely confidential and won’t share, sell, distribute or rent to anyone.

2. User content publication and management

2.1 Such behaviors produced, uploaded, copied, published and disseminated referred in this article will be collected by BOYA Sound.

2.2 Users shall not use BOYA Sound and the service to make, upload, copy, publish or disseminate contents prohibited by the following laws, regulations and policies.

a) Infringe the basic principles of constitution;

b) Jeopardize national security, betray national secrets, subvert national regime, undermine national unity;

c) Impair national honor and interest;

d) Instigate ethnic hostility and discrimination, undermine ethnic unity;

e) Construct heresy and feudal superstition

f) Monger false rumors, disturb social order and stability;

g) Spread obscenity, eroticism, gamble, violence, murder, terror, subornation;

h) Humiliation, defamation, and infringement of others’ lawful rights and interests;

i) Spread prohibited content involving administrative laws and regulations

2.3 Users shall not use BOYA Sound or the service to make, upload, copy, publish or disseminate the following contents that interfere with the normal operation of Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co.. or infringe the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties:

a) Contain any sex or sexual innuendo;

b) Contain contents of abuse, intimidation or threat;

c) Contain harassing, spam advertising, malicious information or deceptive information;

d) Invade other’s privacy, personal information or data;

e) Infringe others’ lawful rights of reputation, portrait, intellectual property and trade secrets;

f) Contain other information that interfere with the normal operation of the service and infringe the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties

3.Service regulation and indemnification

3.1 Any content transmitted or posted by the user in or through this service does not reflect or represent, and shall not be deemed to reflect or represent the views, positions or policies of Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co. We shall not bear any responsibility for this responsibility.

3.2 Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co. is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data content. The user agrees that Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co. shall not bear any legal responsibility if any losses related to trading or investment decisions made based on this content.

3.3 Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co. doesn’t guarantee that the network service will meet all the user’s requirements, and will not be responsible for the continuity, timeliness, security and accuracy of the network service. The user expressly agrees to fully bear the cyber risks in using the service and all consequences arising from the use of the service.

3.4 Users shall not use BOYA Sound or the service to perform the following actions:

a) Submit or release false information, or using another person’s avatar or information to impersonate or use the name of another person;

b) Force or induce other users to follow, click on the link page or share information;

c) Make up facts or conceal the truth to mislead or deceive others;

d) Use technical means to set up fake accounts in batches;

e) Engage in any illegal or criminal activities using BOYA Sound or our service;

f) Make and publish methods and tools related to the above behaviors, or operate or disseminate such methods and tools, whether for commercial purposes or not;

g) Other acts that violate laws and regulations, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of other users, or interfere with the normal operation of Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co. or are not expressly authorized by Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co.

4.Privacy protectionWe hereby declare that we don’t disclose the registration information to the public or provide third party with private information from individual user, except in the following situations.

a) Obtain user’s prior consent;

b) Work in accordance with the relevant provision of laws and regulations;

c) Base on the relevant rules and institutions of government authority;

d) To guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of Sevenoak;

e) To safeguard the public interest

5. Ownership of content

This website and its contents which includes text, software, sound, pictures, video are all protected by copyright and trademark law and other relevant provision of laws and regulations. Copy, reprint or any act of infringing upon the intellectual property of Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co., LTD, we will reserve the right of prosecuting criminal, administrative and civil liabilities.

6. Privacy policy modification

We may revise the terms of policy from time to time. Information we connected is brought to force when you agree to it. The information we collect is governed by this privacy policy that comes into force when such information is used. We reserve the right to make changes to the information and these terms and conditions at any time, effective on the date the changes are posted to the website. Even if the policy makes such changes after the first publication, users are bound to “Privacy Policy” when using our products or websites.

7. Others

a) We solemnly remind that read carefully the content of this agreement , which indicates Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co., LTD liability exemption, and limitation of user rights on some provision. Please read and consider potential risks carefully before making any decision. Minors shall read this agreement in the presence of a legal guardian.

b) These privacy treaties or on the use of this website by the People’s Republic of any act of law. If it exits any disputation, the parties shall solve the problem through consultation. When no settlement has reached, the users shall be submitted disputes under the jurisdiction of the people’s court in the place where the Shenzhen Sevenoak Technology Co., LTD is located.

c) If any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and binding upon the parties.

d) If you still have any questions and concerns, please email to boyarecorder@boya-mic.com for more assistance. And we will make efforts to settle your doubts.

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