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- Combined recording mode to meet various needs - Transmitter and receiver can be stored together - easy to carry - Standard cold shoe adapter on the bottom of the receiver for mounting to cameras, stands, etc. - Up to 30m wireless operating range - Equipped with professional shock mount for superior isolation fromhandling noise - Equipped with windscreens for an intelligible sound effect - Equipped with TRS/TRRS audio output cable for connecting to cameras,smartphones, computers and more

Product Introduction

BY-MM1W is a combination product of a 2.4GHz wireless omnidirectionalmicrophone and a wired cardioid directional shotgun microphone. It boastsexceptional broadcast-grade sound quality and is compatible with cameras,smartphones, tablets, computers, portable recorders, etc. It is ideal for video content, podcast, live streaming, mobile journalism and more. The BY-MM1W can switch recording modes according to different scenarios:wireless mode/ wired mode/ combined mode ( TX/RX/MIX), which allowsyou to pick up audio from either the transmitter, the receiver, or both.

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Transmission Type
2.4GHz digital frequency
Frequency Response
PIFA antenna
Operating Range
Up to 30m (without obstacle)
RF Output Power
10dBm (Default)
Sampling Rate
Bit Rate
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Transmitter: ≥80dB / Receiver: ≥80dB
Tx:-42dB±2dB(Omnidirectional) / RX:-36dB±2dB(Cardioid)
Polar Pattern
Transmitter: Omnidirectional / Receiver: Cardioid
Audio Output
3.5mm TRS output
Power Requirements
Built-in lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity
Transmitter: 50mAh / Receiver: 150mAh
Charging Connector
USB Type-C
Charging Time
Approx.2 hours
Battery Life
Transmitter: 4.5hours / Receiver: Approx.9hours
Transmitter:φ30×10.3mm (excluding belt clip) / Receiver: φ25.7x87.1mm (excluding shock mount)
Transmitter: 9g; Receiver: 33g
Operating Temperature
0℃ to +50℃
Storage Temperature
-10℃ to +50℃
Packing List
BY-MM1W Microphone(Transmitter+Receiver) *1
ShockMount *1
USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable *2
CarringPouch *1
Fur Windshieldfor Transmitter *1
3.5mm TRS to 3.5mmTRS Audio Output Cable *1
3.5mm TRS to 3.5mmTRRS Audio Output Cable *1
Fur Windshieldfor Receiver *1
Foam Windscreenfor Receiver *1
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User Manual - BY-MM1W

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